Caritas Croatia helps the victims of the earthquake in Petrinja, Sisak and Glina

Devastating earthquake struck the central Croatian region of Banovina on the 29th of December 2020 taking its deathly toll in human lives while leaving the ruins, turmoil and fear behind.

Caritas Croatia, the central charitable-pastoral institution of the Croatian Bishops’ Conference, has been entrusted with a task to take the lead in the organised emergency humanitarian response as well as harmonising development efforts on the national and international level aimed at assisting survivors of the earthquake that recently hit the area of the Diocese of Sisak causing casualties and massive material distructian throughout the region.

Most serious concequence of the earthquake that affect people in Sisak, Petrinja, Glina, as well as in small towns and scattered villages in their vicinity at this point is devastation of hausing facilities. At the moment we are aware of several thousand housing units (30.000 reportedly damaged) that had been either destroyed or seriously damaged, leaving their previous tenants roofless and homeless.

In spite of the effort Croatian government has made thus far, there is still a great need for temporary housing facilities: camping houses, housing containers of moveable houses. Many survivors turn down proposals to move to distanced Croatian cities – especially in the coastal region – insisting on staying with their livestock, securing their properties and being involved in reconstruction efforts themselves.

At Caritas Croatia we are therefore strongly committed and determined to do our utmost to secure safe and appropriate though temporary housing especially for those families that wish to stay close to their properties while providing all the survivors with food, winterisation items, and psycho-social assistence.

In our struggle against the effects of the earthquake that took lives, destroyed homes and changed human destinies you can support Caritas Croatia activities donating to:

Hrvatski Caritas, Ksaverska cesta 12a, 10.000 Zagreb, Croatia at PBZ (Privredna banka Zagreb, Radnička 50),
IBAN: HR0523400091100080340, reference no. 12-20.

For transfers from abroad: SWIFT/BIC: PBZGHR2X



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