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"For 1000 Joys" in St. Anthony's parish Caritas in Bjelovar

// 20.12. 2010

Conference about cooperation between government run family centres and Church family counselling centres in family care

A specialised conference held in Zagreb on 17 December 2010 „Improving cooperation at the local level – family centres and Church family counselling centres in Croatia“. The two day conference began on Friday in the Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute on Kaptol under the auspices of Caritas Croatia, the Đakovo…

// 18.12. 2010

8th traditional Xmas tree charity sale

The 8th traditional Xmas tree charity sale will be held on Saturday, 18 December 2010 commencing at 9 a.m. on Zagreb's ban Jelačić square.  The charity sale is once again being organised by Caritas Croatia following the kind donation of Croatian Forests with all the proceeds going to help families in need …

// 07.12. 2010

Press conference held in the Pavleka Miškina primary school, Zagreb to launch Caritas Croatia's „For 1000 Joys“ 2010 Xmas campaign. 

A press conference was held on 6 December at the Pavleka Miškina primary school in Zagreb at which Caritas Croatia presented this year's „For 1000 Joys“ Xmas campaign to raise funds to assist one thousand poor families in Croatia. Guest speakers presenting the campaign included Caritas President and Bishop of Varaždin, Msgr. Josip Mrzljak, Caritas Acting Director..

// 07. 12. 2010

Caritas Sunday, 12 December 2010

Epistle by Caritas President and Bishop of Varaždin, Msgr. Josip Mrzljak for Caritas Sunday – 12.12.2010

It is the third Sunday of Advent – the joyous Sunday in the liturgy of the Church and in our homeland, it also marks Caritas Sunday. We are half way to mark the birth of our Saviour and today...

// 29. 11. 2010

Caritas Croati’a “For 1000 Joys” 2010 Xmas campaign to assist families in need 

“For 1000 Joys” is a traditional national campaign that Caritas Croatia launches in the period leading up to Christmas and this year it is being organised for the eighth time. The focus of the “For 1000 Joys” campaign from its very beginnings in 2003, are families in need and that is the most needs of the needy. Many families in Croatia are today faced with hardship, poverty...

// 29. 11. 2010

Week of solidarity and togetherness with the Church and people in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Meeting of the presidents and directors of Caritas organisations in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina 

A meeting was held in Zagreb on 16 November 2010 involving the presidents and directors of Caritas Croatia and Caritas Bosnia-Herzegovina. The meeting focussed on Caritas’ Lenten campaign organised in Croatia to raise awareness between the faithful and general public about the situation...

Pakistan flood victims share horror

“Fever has gripped me since the raging waters swept away our mud house. I have never been that terrified in my life”. Gamul Mai developed a high fever after escaping a three feet water wave in her village in Sindh, Pakistan.“We were sleeping when I heard screams that the embankment is breached. At first I thought that we are going to die...

// 13. 08. 2010